Der Ring des Nibelungen auf Tour

Metropolitan Museum New York, Florida, Kalifornien, Kunstfest Weimar


Der Ring des Nibelungen auf Tour

Richard Wagner / Metropolitan Museum New York, Florida, Kalifornien, Kunstfest Weimar / 2012

The Salzburg Marionette Theatre’s ingenious, greatly condensed Ring (…) is vividly entertaining and profoundly serious. (…) This adaptation finds the key moments that distill Wagner’s meaning and set his superfluous grandiosity in relief. (…) The staging is monumental and real in ways that no monstrous machine can duplicate. (…) This production should be seen by anyone who loves Wagner, and anyone who loathes him.

New York Classical Review

The “Ring” cycle, directed by Carl Philip von Maldeghem and produced with the Salzburg State Theater, recreated in miniature all the essential ingredients of Wagner’s story, with a particular emphasis on the fairy-tale elements that are so difficult to stage in an opera house. The marionette “Ring” also offers a bite-size serving of high-concept Regietheater, with its penchant for ignoring historical settings — not surprising given that Mr. von Maldeghem used to work closely with Gerard Mortier when he was the often-divisive general manager of the previously traditional Salzburg Festival. The costumes let the story evolve over the course of the 20th century. (…) In Wagner, the bickering gods are eminently human. In the world of marionettes, humans have godlike powers.

New York Times

Carl Philip von Maldeghem hat so sensibel in Text und Musik hinein inszeniert, dass der Mythos um Gier, Verführbarkeit und Macht ganz klar erzählt wird.

Oper und Tanz

Auf unter zwei Stunden haben die genialischen Macher die Tetralogie eingedampft (…) – fast so zeitgeistig wie heuer in Bayreuth.